August 15th, 2010


For Jessi <3 Fic: The Wondersmith Years (Peter/Neal, PG-13, HS AU)

Title: The Wondersmith Years
Author: mrsvc 
Warning: language, high school AU
Word Count: 4,196
"Bobby Fischer, 1957." "You recognized that, huh?" Peter laughed, head tilted back against the tree now too. Neal admired the long column of neck presented to him and his throat went a little dry. "I was impressed." "I'm not without my talents, Caffrey," he smirked, eyes closed. Elizabeth never showed to the party but Peter really didn't mind all that much.
AN: For my friend, sosobriquet , whose birthday is tomorrow. Jessi, you wanted me to write this for you and well, when I heard it was your birthday, I couldn't resist. I hope you like it. I love you.

Special thanks to jazzrose343  for hand-holding, moral support, and being the best ever. ILU more than the world can know.

Note: This is a high school AU. The title is a mix of "The Wonder Years" and Astronatalis' song "The Wondersmith and His Sons" who describes the Wondersmith as a charming man with "a silver tongue" and "pearl teeth".
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