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FOR JESSI: You Say the Word, Baby, I'm All Set (Glenn/Daryl, PG-13, AU)

Title: You Say the Word, Baby, I'm All Set
Pairing: Glenn/Daryl
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Underage. Language.
Summary: Orphanage AU. Glenn didn't have a real last name.

Disclaimer: Do not own. Also, everything I know about orphanages and the foster system is from TV so this makes TV sense, not real life sense.

Special thanks to menacherie for the beta and the support.

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For Autumn: Like a Bird in a Cage (Alex/Armando, PG)

Title: Like a Bird in a Cage
Pairing: Alex/Armando, with a side of Charles/Erik.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Language.
Sometimes he dreams of just Darwin. No one else is there, just the two of them. He dreams of things that actually happened: late nights with their heads thrown back on the couch, talking until the sun rose over the hills. He dreams about the stupid games of grab-ass they played, Darwin changing himself in new and creative ways to stay out of Alex's reach. He wakes up from those with a smile that fades like the snapping of a thread as soon as his eyes open.
A/N: I wrote this for Autumn a while ago and she read it in Google Docs but I thought I would put it up here as well.

Thanks to
[info]sosobriquet for being the best of all.

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Merlin and Arthur

Magic: Starz's Camelot vs BBC1's Merlin

Today, I've been overloading myself with Arthurian legend shows. At 1am last night, I watched The Tears of Uther Pendragon (301 and 302) of Merlin, and I've just now finished Guinevere and The Lady of the Lake (103 and 104) of Camelot. Over the course of me watching both of these shows, I've noticed some things that created a spark of interest in my brain: namely, the treatment of magic by the storytellers within each canon.

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Fic: I Don't Want To (If You Don't Want To) (Raylan/Boyd, still-miners!AU, PG-13)

Title: I Don't Want To (If You Don't Want To)
Author: mrsvc
Pairing: Raylan/Boyd
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language.
Summary: What would have happened if Raylan had stayed with Boyd after the mine collapsed in on them when they was 19.
A/N: Beckah, you wanted Raylan/Boyd AU. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED IN THE CAR HOME FROM KENTUCKY YESTERDAY. The song Want To by Sugarland came on and well. Hope you like it. 

The most thanks to sosobriquet who took my wild variety of verb tenses and made them her bitch. She is the best.

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Merlin and Arthur

Fic: Build Me A Boat That Can Carry Two (Merlin&Arthur pre-slash/friendship, PG)

Okay, so I originally wrote this on the LJ App and while it formatted beautifully and looked all nice and promising, the app wouldn't let me actually post it so I had to copy/paste it to my email and send it to myself. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THIS APP IS NOT LETTING ME POST. I HAVE INTERNET. IT IS PROPERLY FORMATTED. I'D DONE EVERYTHING RIGHT. Why you be hating'?

Anyway, this is the fic, God help us. This was the fantasy that gave me the strength to not absolutely die in class (and in-between classes) today. I typed it out to use as my test post for the app BUT SINCE THIS APP BE HATING', here, have random terrible fic. 

Build Me A Boat That Can Carry Two | Merlin/Arthur pre-slash AND/OR friendship, YMMV | PG | 896

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Dan and Jack in the candlelight

Christmas 2010 Masterpost


This year, I held a giant fic exchange with my Twitter friend list. Here is the Masterpost of all the fic I'm giving.

For Jessi, A Very White Collar Christmas,  PG, gen.

For Nicole, In Your Veins, PG-13, HS AU, Sherlock/John.

For Jami, With Grace in Your Heart, PG, Merlin/Arthur.

For Kacey, Don't Forget Your Shopping List: A Fanmix for Your Target Shopping Experience.

For Emily, In Which Nathan Young Learns A Valuable Lesson, R, Nathan/Kelly.

For Autumn, Everything in its Right Place, PG-13, Gwen/Leon friendship.

COMING SOON because I suck at life Guys, I feel so bad that yours didn't get done in time but I promise you, they are all in the works and have iPod Notes filled with feelings and things.

For Lisa, A Chinese Anniversary, PG-13, Burt/Virginia.

For Laura, The Curious Case of Shurlong Coat and Comfy Jumper, PG, Sherlock/John.

For Kellie, Forward Motion, PG, Teddy/James.
Merlin and Arthur

FOR AUTUMN! Fic: Everything in its Right Place (Gwen/Leon, PG-13)

Title: Everything in its Right Place
Author: mrsvc 
Pairing: Gwen/Leon, Gwen/Arthur, Gwen/Lancelot
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character death.
A/N: HAAAAAAAAY GURL. Remember how I was like, "Oh, I'm going to write you a surprise for Christmas a-hur-hur-hur" and then was like, "Y SO LONG, SURPRISE FIC?" Well, it's done now, it's over 5,000 words, and it's sort of, kind of Gwen/Leon friendship fic. MERRY CHRISTMAS AUTUMN!
Thanks to menacherie for the quick beta! You're the best.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS, NICOLE! Fic: In Your Veins (Sherlock/John, PG-13, HS AU)

Title: In Your Veins
Author: mrsvc
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: High School AU. Bloodplay (sort of.)
A/N: Oh, Nicole, you don't even know. I thought this up in the shower and was like, "No one is going to want a fic this creepy but then I remembered you wanted Sherlock/John HS AU and it all started to coalesce and so I was like, "OKAY IMMA WRITE THIS AND ASK HER IF SHE THINKS BLOOD IS CREEPY." And what do you know? It happened to be relevant to your interests. Merry Christmas, Nicole! 
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